Personal data management tools

This page provides you with the tools to manage your personal data, which are stored in our store
After making a request email will be sent to you with a link to authorize the request

Recieve personal data

We will send you a copy of all your personal data we possess. Also, data will be in a common machine-readable format so that you can use it to pass it on to another data collector of your choice

Edit/Rectify data

In order to edit your personal data, you need to login into your account

Erase data

Your personal data, including account and all related information (bonuses, reward points, orders history etc) will be totally removed from our store. If the data is still needed for us to process your order or fulfill the obligations to you under the contract between us (return of a product, money chargeback, etc.) we will not be able to satisfy such a request
Email address will be used to identify your personal data in our store and to send an authorization code to